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Utility Locating

Utility Locating

It’s important to locate and label underground utilities before starting any excavation project. This includes identifying private and public utility lines for electricity, telecommunications, water, gas, TV cable, and fiber optics. Our locating service provides an accurate map of the underground infrastructure for the area of your worksite. Determining the location of buried utilities prevents damage to infrastructure and service disruptions along with accidents that may cause serious injuries.

Private Locating

Not all buried infrastructure is owned by public companies. More than half of all utilities are privately owned and therefore require more due diligence on behalf of the contractor and excavator. We provide complete private locating and mapping solutions to ensure that our clients have the full underground picture - ultimately avoiding costly surprises.

Digital Utility Twin

Our digital twin capability includes 3D utility location that includes size, material, and type of buried infrastructure. All utility locations are georeferenced with pinpoint accuracy using advanced, survey grade equipment.

GIS Integration

In addition to locating, mapping, and cataloging utilities, we integrate the geospatial data into software like BIM, CAD, and other industry leading programs. This significantly improves the speed and efficiency of your workflow.