Utility Locating

Utility Locating Services
No Digital Twin is truly complete without the addition of subsurface information and visualization.

We believe the industry deserves better.

We are skilled in many forms of electromagnetic locating including direct connection, coupling, and induction methods. 

When electromagnetic locating is not getting the job done, we often turn to our ground penetrating radar. This device allows us to collect subsurface location data on utilities that would otherwise not be found.

All of our work comes standard with a 2D, high resolution utility map. We collect our own aerial imagery on every project to ensure the highest of quality. 3D mapping is achieved via immersive digital twin software or online Web GIS viewers.

Occasionally, the network of buried utilities becomes too congested in certain areas; making any sort of machine excavation impossible. In this instance, Blackbird utilizes hydroexcavation methods to safely uncover the utilities in question.

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