Inspection Services
We use extremely durable, purpose-built cameras and scanners to ensure we capture the data our customers need. Everytime.

Our operations remain consistent even in extreme temperatures and conditions.

All of our inspections have the option of being broadcast in real time. Inspectors and engineers can perform live virtual inspections while we simultaneously collect data for picture-perfect 3D models that can be referenced for the life of the facility.

Our drone cameras come equipped with 200X Digital Zoom, and our drones can travel up to 10 miles from the initial take off area — allowing for operations where accessibility may be an issue.

Our drones are equipped with powerful thermal imaging cameras that allow us to get the best possible imagery and resolution where other systems would fall short.

When disaster strikes, knowing the full scope of the situation vital to an effective response effort. Blackbird Engineering has a core network of First Responder/FAA Certified Drone Pilots who understand the importance of the data they are collecting.

Save time. Lower Costs. Reduce Risk.