Drone Services

Trusted Under Any Circumstance.
We pride ourselves on our diverse and skilled range of in house pilots. Blackbird Engineering has a core team of Aerial Survey and Mapping Specialists, First Responder UAV Pilots, and Professional Aerial Photography/ Videography Pilots.
All Blackbird Pilots are fully trained, insured, and FAA Certified. Professionalism Guaranteed.

Our Process

1. Collaborate

We take the time to understand the solutions our services will provide. Each project is unique with its own set of parameters, obstacles, and equipment requirements.

2. Plan

Our team does extensive research on site conditions, air restrictions, and other pertinent information. If necessary, we ensure that all proper waivers and permissions are acquired.

3. Fly

A Blackbird pilot will recheck all factors from steps 1 and 2 before setting up in a safe and secure location to complete the flight mission.

4. Process

Once the flight is complete, our pilots immediately perform QA/QC on all collected data before sending the files to our team of processors.

5. Deliver

Our clients receive preliminary reporting the day of the flight. Final reports and analytics will be provided in accordance to the schedule agreed on during collaboration.

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