3D Modeling

3D Model Depicting Bridge Damage
Different Needs. Different Models.
3D Modeling is not a 'one size fits all' solution. Blackbird Engineering provides multiple types of 3D modeling services and deliverables across multiple platforms. We take the time to understand what solutions our models will provide, and we design & develop accordingly.
3D Modeling Services
Blackbird's 3D Modeling services provide enhanced decision making and planning capabilities while seamlessly integrating into existing operations.

End to end collection, processing, development, and 3D deliveries.

Municipalities, Site Developers, and cities large & small utilize our 3D models to make critical planning and budgeting decisions. Our wide array of GIS analytic tools and simulations provide large-scale insight on crucial patterns, trends, and problem areas within their area of concern.

Data comes in a variety of file types and formats. We are able to integrate multiple datasets, image types, and files into one viewable deliverable. Some of the formats include (but not limited to) OBJ, LAS, E57, SHP, DXF, DWG, JPG, TIN, TIF, BIP, BIL, FBX, and STL. This type of flexibility allows for seamless communication and integration amongst multiple parties.

The most important part of any project or development is the foundation. Having a detailed 3D model of the bare earth or starting surface of a project eliminates countless hours of field visits, reduces survey costs, and allows for more intelligible planning. Our end to end digital surface and terrain modeling services provide developers the ability to plan and simulate conditions right from their office.

We believe that in order to be considered a true “digital twin”, the model must include accurate and actionable subsurface utility data. Our unique ability to locate and collect geospatial data on buried utilities sets our models, and ultimately our clients’ results, apart from other geospatial firms.

Realize full planning and analysis capabilities by importing CAD models (and other 3D file formats) into accurate models of the real world.

Get More from your data with Professional 3D Services