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About Us

Who We Are

We’re an end-to-end provider of Geospatial Mapping, 3D Modeling, Remote Sensing, and Professional Drone Services. We blend cutting-edge data collection with state-of-the-art 3D, CAD, BIM, and analytical software.

All of our team members are FAA licensed and insured drone pilots with individual backgrounds in Utility Engineering, Public Safety, Construction Engineering, Risk Assessment and Infrastructure Inspection. We’re an experienced provider of LiDAR scanning, data acquisition, and reality capture services.

At Blackbird Engineering all of our skills, training, and equipment are geared towards delivering high quality geospatial data and digital twins (3D models of the real world) regardless of terrain, accessibility, or how complex the data collection and processing will be.


What We Do

We’re committed to excellence in our level of customer service, proven experience, and use of advanced technology to deliver exceptional results. We employ state-of-the-art hardware and software applications in all that we do.

By integrating the latest in aerial, terrestrial, and subsurface data collection technology with state-of-the-art GIS, 3D, AutoCAD, and LiDAR software, we deliver intuitive information to assist your business decisions in a cost-effective manner. 

Data collection, processing, accuracy, and visualization are the foundations of an effective 3D GIS model. At Blackbird, we have end-to-end GIS services and solutions available. We can accommodate simple point collection missions and complex city-wide system developments alike. We collect, process, and manage all of our data in-house, providing a streamlined approach to data distribution and delivery to our clients.

Trusted Solutions

More Than Data Collection!

We begin our project preparation by gathering a comprehensive understanding of the final product. What problem are we solving? What situation are we analyzing? What reporting methods are required? We then determine the correct data collection equipment that best supports the project objectives. Finally, we integrate a software package that effectively turns data into answers for our customers and their stakeholders.

What sets us apart is our ability to adapt to the specific needs of your individual project and confront the unique challenges of each one. So we listen and seek to understand your goals – working in collaboration to ensure our solution is the right fit.

Trusted Geospatial Services Provider.

Our capabilities are extensive, but we focus on the following industries:

Diverse Drone Solutions For Every Situation

We’re experts at adapting our remote sensing approach to meet the complexities of any project, but the foundations of our drone solutions include:

  • High Resolution Imagery
  • LiDAR (Traditional, SLAM, Bathymetric)
  • Thermal and Infrared Sensors
  • Confined Space Inspections
  • Leak and Chemical Detection
  • Multispectral Sensors

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More Than Data Collection!

Once the project is underway, we work in a self-directed manner, capture complex data, process the data and deliver useable information in easy-to-understand reports and visuals.

Simply put – we provide actionable insights that allow our clients to make informed decisions.

We strive to deliver the highest quality mapping, modeling, imagery, and geospatial solutions. But more than that, we’re driven by the success of our customers and their need to solve real world problems – and we build solutions with that in mind. We’re always pushing the boundaries and looking for better technology and improved methods for greater effectiveness and efficiency. Ultimately, we strive to bring the field and office together in a seamless enterprise.