Geospatial Mapping, 3D Modeling and Professional Drone Services

Geospatial Solutions Made Simple

About Us

All of our services are centered around providing the highest quality mapping, modeling, imagery, and geospatial solutions. We’re driven by the success of our clients who use our digital models to solve real world problems and we are always looking for more effective and efficient ways to bridge the gap between ‘field’ and ‘office’.

Data Acquisition

  • Drones Services
  • Manned Aircraft
  • LiDAR
  • Utility Locating

3D Modeling

  • Digital Twins
  • Revit/BIM Modeling
  • GIS to BIM
  • As-Built Modeling

Reality Capture

  • Virtual Tours
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Scan To BIM


  • GIS Services
  • Topography
  • 3D Utility Mapping
  • Forestry


  • Structural
  • Facade
  • Solar
  • Insurance


  • UAV Operations
  • Part 107 Training
  • Software Application
  • Utility Locate Training

Trusted Aerial Mobile Static Subsurface Data Collection and Visualization

Top Industries Served

At some point in their lifecycle, every industry requires accurate and up to date geospatial information. Blackbird Engineering was formed specifically with scalability, interoperability, and the end-user experience in mind. We provide our clients with actionable deliverables and turn-key geospatial solutions.

  • Contour Mapping
  • Elevation Modeling
  • Planimetrics
  • Ground Classifications
  • As-Built Modeling
  • Project Tracking
  • Image/CAD Overlays
  • Site Monitoring
  • Volumetrics
  • Slope Analysis
  • Sinkhole Detection
  • Stope Mapping
  • City Planning
  • Viewshed Analysis
  • Virtual Tours
  • GIS Services
  • Utility Locating
  • Thermal Mapping
  • Corridor Mapping
  • Vegetation Monitoring
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Windfarm Mapping
  • Substation Modeling
  • Site Development